Dear Shareholder,

Welcome to Voyager!  We are delighted to have you on board and thank you for your support. 

Our crowdfunding campaign was a tremendous success raising over £874,000 and very nearly five times subscribed.  It makes us one of the best capitalised CBD companies in the UK and well placed for our future growth.

Staying in touch

We will provide you with regular updates on our progress, including new product launches and other developments in our business.  We recommend you save the email addresses and to your safe senders list.  We also send regular mailings to our customers, including special offers and recommendations, and I know that many of you have signed up to our customer list already.  If you have not, or are not sure if you have, then you can do so on our website or you can email my assistant Hebe ( and she will add you to our list. 

Your shareholding

You may have noticed that you received more shares than you expected. Our crowdfunding was carried out at 124 pence per share but we subsequently completed a 3 for 1 bonus issue, for which all shareholders benefit – essentially this means that, for every share you bought at 124 pence, you have been issued four shares at 31 pence.  The reason for the bonus issue is that we needed to increase our total number of shares in issue prior to re-registering at a public limited company which is the first step in our plans to provide liquidity for all shareholders.  We’ll keep you informed of our plans for this.

For those of you who applied for EIS relief on your investment, between us and Seedrs, we are notifying HMRC of your shareholding and EIS certificates should follow in the coming weeks.

Your shareholder rewards

At the time of our crowdfunding we offered all of our investors rewards based on their investment size.  For those of you who are eligible, we have already started getting in touch with you individually with details.  Don’t worry if you haven’t heard yet – we expect to get to everyone by the end of next week.

How you can help

As we seek to build our sales and customer base, growing our social media following is important.  If you do not already, please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – you will find the links below.  Liking and sharing our posts also helps to raise our profile. Should you buy any of our products then leaving a review on our website helps to persuade others to do the same.

Above all – tell your friends, family and colleagues.  Like all young businesses, word of mouth and personal recommendations are essential to build trust in our brand.

Latest news
Finally, these are some highlights of what we have been doing since the crowdfunding closed:
 We have 16 products available for sale and plans to launch a further seven during the course of this month. You can now find Voyager products on 25 websites in addition to our own. With Covid restrictions at last ending, we are beginning to sign up our first stores. We moved into a new, bigger office two weeks ago and, at the same time, increased our team in Perth to five. A sixth member of our team joins in May – someone with prior experience of placing CBD products in national pharmacy chains. We will shortly be launching a corporate website where you will be able to find details about our company.

Any questions?
Our contact details are below so please do get in touch if there is anything we can help with.
Thank you again for joining our voyage and we look forward to providing you with further updates in the coming months.
Best wishes
Nick Tulloch