As I hope you are aware we have been working towards an IPO on Aquis and I am pleased to let you know that we are on target to complete that process in the coming weeks.  Documentation is now substantially finalised and investor meetings are well underway.  You may also have seen that our re-registration as a PLC concluded last week and that we have appointed Nikki Cooper and Jill Overland to our board.

We are planning to raise up to £2 million at a valuation (prior to these new funds) of between £5 million and £6 million.  That equates to a share price range of 58 – 70 pence.

There is no formal right of pre-emption in our IPO fundraising but we value your support and so we do want to give all of our shareholders the opportunity to participate in our IPO, should you wish to do so.  As with our previous fundraisings, new investments in Voyager continue to qualify for EIS relief.

We are pleased to let you know that we are making participation in our IPO available on the Seedrs platform.  This was announced by Seedrs earlier today and the campaign is now live.  One thing to bear in mind is that although the total raise on Seedrs reflects that we are prepared to accept up to £2 million of new investment at this time, the commitments received by investors outside of the Seedrs platform are not visible on Seedrs’ campaign page (and won’t be until that element of the funding has concluded). However, we have already held numerous investor meetings and we are very pleased with the reception so far.

If you have any questions either about the campaign on Seedrs or our IPO generally then please let me or Hebe ( know and we will be happy to help.

These are very exciting times for our Company and I thank you for your ongoing support.
Kind regards
Nick Tulloch