About Us

Voyager Life is made up of three divisions; VoyagerCBD, VoyagerCann and Ascend Skincare.

Voyager CBD

Voyager is based in Perth and was established in 2020 to supply high-quality CBD and hemp products, including edibles, topical creams and our best-selling pet range.  Our philosophy of plant-based health and wellness is embodied in our mission statement of “Choose you”. 


VoyagerCann offers bespoke manufactured and white label CBD skincare products. We have developed a range of proprietary formulations that bring together the powerful benefits of quality cannabis extracts alongside natural ingredients that work together in synergy. 

Ascend Skincare

At Ascend Skincare, we combine the highest quality cannabis extracts alongside nutrient-rich botanical oils and active ingredients in a range of luxury skincare products.  We focus on choosing ingredients that work in synergy with each other.

Our Story 

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Founded in


Voyager was founded by Nick Tulloch in November 2020 as a health and wellness business focused on CBD and hemp seed oil products.  Nick was previously CEO of Zoetic International plc, overseeing that company becoming the first CBD company to be quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Voyager was established with the intent of building a trusted brand in the UK CBD industry, offering a range of high-quality products at fair prices.

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Completed Crowdfunding


In early 2021, the Company became the first multi-product CBD company to complete a crowdfunding campaign in the UK, raising £874,000 on Seedrs in a transaction that was almost five times subscribed and closed after just five days. The Company went on to list on the Aquis Stock Exchange Growth Market at the end of June 2021 and has since put its funds to work in growing the team, the product range and its distribution reach as well as opening its first shops in St Andrews, Dundee and Edinburgh.

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Acquired Cannafull (now VoyagerCann) & Ascend Skincare

Towards the end of 2021, Voyager acquired Cannafull and its brand, Ascend Skincare, quickly integrating both into its business. Voyager then rebranded Cannafull as VoyagerCann.  VoyagerCann offers bespoke CBD skincare product creation, providing its customers with a full turnkey service for the development and launch of new CBD skincare products.  At the time of acquisition, Ascend Skincare had developed three products, all of which are face serums, enhanced with CBD and Voyager plans to supplement this range with further products during 2022, marketing the range alongside its core Voyager brand.

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HMRC Assurance


Voyager applied for and received advance assurance from HMRC in 2020 that its ordinary shares qualify for EIS relief and, consequently, EIS relief will continue to be available to future investors in the Company (subject to the Company’s ongoing compliance with the relevant criteria).

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Opportunity in CBD


The Directors believe that a significant opportunity exists in CBD due to the expected growth of the market combined with the disparity in the quality and consistency of products currently on the market and impending and ongoing regulatory changes. As CBD becomes more mainstream, the Directors believe that a strictly regulatory compliant, and therefore trusted, company that produces high-quality products could excel in this exciting market. The Company’s primary objective is the formulation and supply of high-quality CBD and hemp seed oil products although it also produces several other complementary products, the majority of which are manufactured from the hemp plant.  Its product categories include a pet range that has rapidly developed into one of the Company’s best sellers.

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Our Philosophy 


In line with UK regulations, the Company makes no medicinal claims but guarantees to customers that its products are as described on their labels and on its website. The Company’s philosophy of plant-based health and wellness is embodied in its mission statement and hashtag of “Choose you”. With an experienced team and a product line created in line with the UK’s regulatory regime, Voyager aims to become the trusted brand in this increasingly popular health and wellness space.

Voyager Timeline

Voyager was established on three key principles


1. Compliance with existing and future regulations

With its origins in the cannabis plant, it is understandable that CBD gets a high level of scrutiny. Furthermore, to date, barriers to entry to this industry have been low and there have been instances reported of products either not being compliant with applicable rules or being sold with inaccurate labelling.


Voyager’s philosophy is to become a trusted brand within the growing CBD market. We recognise that is a medium to long-term aspiration but we believe that the market will rightly continue to attract the attention of regulators and, in time, enforcement. The opportunity for professionally managed CBD businesses could be significant in the coming years.


Voyager is committed to providing full details of its products on both its sales website and product labels, with each containing a full list of ingredients and any allergens. The Company’s staff are available on phone and email to discuss any questions that customers may have.

2. High quality product range that is THC-free

Compliance with regulations is not in itself a business model and equally core to Voyager’s principles is to supply high quality products to both attract and retain customers. Accordingly, we spend considerable time on product development using, aside from CBD, well recognised and popular ingredients in many of its products.


Voyager is also committed to its product range being free of THC, the substance in cannabis plants that can produce a psychoactive effect. The Company believes that many current users, and prospective users, of CBD do so for its perceived health and wellness benefits and do not necessarily want any impairment that may come from consuming THC. As a matter of course, Voyager displays laboratory reports for all of its CBD products on its sales website.

3. Low-cost operating model

Notwithstanding the projected growth in the CBD market, both in the UK and overseas, we recognise that this remains a crowded and fragmented market. Voyager’s objective is to build a brand, or portfolio of brands, with long term potential. In the meantime, we are committed to keeping a tight rein on the Company’s overheads. Our objective is to provide our customers with fairly priced products whilst maintaining a return for our investors.


Voyager’s products are currently available on over 20 third party websites as well as our own sales website. Our products are typically vegan, gluten-free and free from allergens. Where possible, the Company uses only natural fragrances and colours and seeks to use recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

Peppermint up close

CBD Oils

The Company offers CBD oils in three strengths of 500mg, 1,500mg and 3,000mg. Its natural flavour is available in all strengths, peppermint in 500mg and 1,500mg and blood orange flavour in 500mg. All Voyager CBD oils are supplied in 30ml amber glass bottles and are made in the USA.

Other CBD edibles

Voyager’s CBD gummies are made with natural flavouring and each jar of 30 gummies is a combination of four flavours: Apple, Watermelon, Lemon and Mango. The gummies are gluten-free, allergen-free and suitable for vegans. They are supplied in a child-proof white plastic jar. Also in the edible range are 30mg caramel-coated CBD softgels and 15mg mints. As with all of Voyager’s oral products, they are entirely free of THC and have no unpleasant hemp aftertaste.

CBD Cooling cream open

Muscles and joints

Research has shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and, consequently, CBD products have grown in popularity for use following sports or other active pursuits. Voyager’s Rosemary and Mint CBD Muscle Salve was one of its first products and this was supplemented by a 800mg Menthol and Camphor CBD Cooling Cream during the summer of 2021.

Pet Products

In the UK, CBD should not be given to animals unless approved by a vet. Consequently, Voyager does not sell CBD products for pets but has created a range of hemp seed oil products which are not covered by the above restriction. Voyager’s hemp seed oil for pets has been one of its best-selling products since inception and the Company’s pet range was subsequently expanded to include a paw & nose balm, shampoo and odour neutralising spritz, all of which are based on hemp seed oil and created to a vegan formulation.

Skin and Body Care

In the autumn of 2021 Voyager’s skincare range was significantly enhanced by the release of seven new products, several of which are designed to target conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and blemishes which research has shown CBD may be beneficial for. Voyager also recognises research that has evidenced that benefits of the hemp plant which extend beyond CBD and other cannabinoids. Part of its skincare range therefore includes products formulated from hemp seeds, a part of the plant which is generally considered to be CBD free. Hemp seed oil is known for its nutritional and moisturising properties.

Bath products

A core part of Voyager’s range is based on the “luxury at home” concept and, in particular, bath care. This range includes bath blocks, soaps, Himalayan bath salts and Himalayan salt body scrubs. This range is handmade and has been developed in accordance with environmentally friendly and sustainability principles using biodegradable or recyclable packaging. The bath blocks, for example, are wrapped in cellulose which can be composted. The range also is entirely free from any artificial colours or fragrances by using essential oils. This also creates certain stand out aspects to Voyager’s products – its lavender bath blocks, for example, are not purple.