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What is Voyager Life?

Established in Perth, Scotland in 2020, Voyager Life plc provides the finest quality CBD and hemp seed oil products to consumers and businesses alike. Our brand ranges include supplement oils, edibles, topical creams, balms, bath and skincare products, hair care products, aromatherapy blends, and even a petcare section.

Voyager Life holds to a core philosophy of trust and integrity and as such we are committed to full regulatory compliance in all territories where we supply our premium, THC-free products. Our low-cost operating model and detail-oriented approach ensure an efficient and bespoke service every time while our primary focus on client satisfaction is neatly summed up by our personal mission statement of “Choose you”.

Contact our business development and sales team for distribution and information enquiries.

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Business Development Manager

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Joanne Bergh

Sales Executive

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Oils and Edibles

The story of ingestible CBD and hemp products is one of fading misconceptions. As the commercial landscape shifts to understanding this cornerstone of plant-based health and wellness, the Voyager Life team stands poised to dispel myths, educate clients, and provide friendly, informative advice on our supplements.


Topical Products

In addition to our range of ingestibles products, Voyager Life also provides a range of CBD and hemp goods for topical application. Encompassing bath and body, skincare, muscle/joint relief, and hair care, our developers create simple, natural, and effective products by utilising the finest quality active ingredients.


Pets Corner 

Voyager’s health and wellness mission also extends to our four-legged friends, with our premium range of pet products incorporating hemp woven leads, collars, and dog toys along with our hemp seed oil supplements, sprays, balms, and our award-winning pet shampoo.


Pets Corner
Ascend Skincare

Ascend Skincare 

Voyager is now a parent company of Ascend Skincare, a premium brand dedicated to high-end, CBD-infused face serums, oils, and creams. Plant-based, spa-quality treatment at a fraction of the cost.



Voyager’s acquisition of Cannafull, a specialist manufacturer of CBD skincare and face serum products, ushered in its rebranding as VoyagerCann, our in-house manufacturing branch. Dedicated to white label and private label product services for prospective client companies and complete with a range of production-ready formulas, VoyagerCann works closely with our customers to provide bespoke product formulations to suit a variety of needs.


VoyagerCann Night Cream
Hemp Grooming products for pets

A World of Health and Wellness

Complementing our flagship products, Voyager Life produces and stocks a wide variety of other goods including; an aromatherapy range, hemp and canvas bags, caps, notebooks, and much, much more. We’re always on the lookout for sustainable and innovative products to introduce to our stores and as a result, our stock list is constantly expanding.

Voyager stores also currently stock guest brand products from Cellular Goods, Herbotany, ZenBears, and Nooro.

Voyager Life affiliated products are available on our websites, over 20 associated websites, and in approximately 80 stores including our three Voyager stores in St. Andrews, Dundee, and Edinburgh. Due to our level of product output and distributor engagement, it is currently unknown exactly how many locations now stock Voyager products, a sure testament to their quality and popularity.