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Voyager Life plc, based in Perth, Scotland, was established in 2020 to supply high-quality CBD and hemp seed oil products, including edibles, topical creams and our best-selling pet range. Voyager’s philosophy of plant-based health and wellness is embodied in our mission statement of “Choose you”. We are committed to full regulatory compliance in all territories that we supply, a high-quality product range that is always THC-free and a low cost operating model, outsourcing services to ensure it is always best in class.


For distributor sales and information inquiries please contact our business development manager, David Sands. 

Our CBD and hemp seed oil products

We believe that hemp continues to be much misunderstood (and confused with its close relative marijuana) but our team are always on hand to provide friendly and informative advice on this plant which has been a staple of human healthcare since Ancient Egyptian times. Our products are available on our own website, over 20 other websites and in around 80 stores, including our own store in St Andrews.


Topical CBD products

Topical products include our popular bath care range, treatments for muscles & joints as well as our newly released skincare range. Our bath care range is entirely free from artificial colours and fragrances.

Pets Corner

Our pets corner includes products made with hemp seed oil safe for animal consumptions and use. Grooming products from shampoo, odour neutralising sprits, and paw and nose balm all contain hemp seed oil to nourish and moisturise dry skin. Our hero pet product is the organic hemp seed oil for joint health, anxiety, and sleep aid.

Hemp Grooming products for pets

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